Rob Rosenthal | Copywriter, Creative Director

I was raised in a large, talkative family where it was difficult to get a word in edgeways. So it became clear to me early on that the quality of the words I choose far outweighs their quantity when it comes to getting attention.

After working several years for prominent Florida advertising agencies, I packed up my car and moved cold-turkey to the San Francisco Bay Area, where the weather, architecture, and political, social and physical climate are more to my liking.

Over the years, I’ve written business-to-business and business-to-consumer copy and created entire strategic campaigns for dozens of clients, ranging from computers to resort hotels. Limousine services to health care companies. Power companies. Apparel companies. Health plans. Real estate developers. Financial services. State parks. Ice cream. Hospitals. Travel agencies. Cat litter. Rental car companies. Express couriers. Security companies. Wineries. For businesses whose name you recognize, like Visa, Clorox, Levi Strauss, IBM, Dreyers/Edy’s, Kaiser Permanente, Fresh Step Cat Litter, Sheraton, Alamo, Häagen-Dazs, DHL Express, University of San Francisco Medical Center, and AAA — and many that you might not, like the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Applied Video Solutions, John Laing Homes, and others.

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